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Incremental Outlook Backup      Automated Outlook backup for PST files for organizations.

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 Backup Withholding Period

Backup withholding period defines how much history of your backups you keep before you run them over with a new backup.

Sometimes, if not always, it take time to notice a problem!

A very short backup withholding period will not give you enough time to notice problems that take a while to discover, and will leave you with useless backups that all have the problem duplicated.

For the majority of the organizations it is enough to have a backup withholding period that is long enough to make it possible for them to recognize the problem before all of the backup generations are infected with the problem. Others may want to withhold their backups for longer periods to comply with statutory regulations. For example a firm needs to keep the Account Receivable records for a period of 3-5 years.

As RRB keeps only the incremental change from one generation to the other, increasing the withholding period consumes a space that can be 20-60 times smaller than other solutions.

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