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Incremental Outlook Backup      Automated Outlook backup for PST files for organizations.

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 Choosing the Backup Media - Size Issues

When looking at backup alternatives, matching the size of the backup medium to the amount of data you need to backup, is one of the most important factor to consider.

Organizations which start employing multiple disks or tapes to host a single backup generation are less likely to perform backup regularly. It necessitates monitoring the process to replace backup media, or the purchase of expensive robots to do so.

Relative Rev Backup is able to take a backup generation after the other, hosting them very efficiently on a single disk. This way you will not have to deal with tens of backup media to hold all of your backup generations. As an example, backing up 20GB of data, requires some 30-40GB disk, which can host many months and even years of backup generations. This is in contrast to have to deal with 20 or 30 tapes of 20GB each.

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